25th Southampton (Northam) Sea Scouts

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Scouting with the 25th Southampton (Northam)

As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more.

Young people and adult volunteers enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future. We’re talking about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians. We believe in bringing people together. We celebrate diversity and stand against intolerance, always.

We’re a worldwide movement, creating stronger communities and inspiring positive futures. #SkillsForLife

As Sea Scouts, our HQ is based right at down at the water front on the River Itchen. With the adjacent slipway we have access to the river at all states of the tide, allowing us to be out on the water most weeks in the Summer.

We have a large hall, a galley and full changing facilities inside the hut, standing in a large secure waterside ground.

If you are interest in hiring our HQ please contact us at info.25th@southamptoncityscouts.org.uk

For ages: 6 - 8.

Monday: 6:45pm-7.45pm [More info]

Beaver Scouting is all about having fun, making friends and learning new skills.

For ages: 8 - 10 1/2

Tuesday: 6:30pm-8pm [More info]

Cub Scouts get the chance to try lots of fun activities such as games, badge work, sports and practical skills.

For ages: 10 1/2 – 14.

Thursday: 7pm-9pm [More info]

Scouts take part in a programme that helps them to find out about the world in which they live, encourages them to know their own abilities and the importance of keeping fit and helps develop their creative talents.

For ages: 14-18

Wednesdays: 7:00pm-9:00pm [More info]

Joining Explorers is a real milestone for the Young People involved in Scouting and the start of getting involved in something a bit bigger. When you start as an Explorer Scout you’ll receive a new Explorer neckerchief to signify this change and you'll start linking with over 100+ Explorers from all over the city.

Scout Network members take part in a variety of activities, which they undertake and organise themselves under the leadership of a District Scout Network Commissioner and sometimes with the support of a Programme Coordinator.

Do you have the energy, enthusiasm and ability to inspire young people and join with them on the adventure that is Scouting? Whether you want to help on a regular or occasional basis, or have skills and experience that can help add to that adventure, there are opportunities for you!